ShifterPro - Shifts Auto-Management Software

Embracing the new Era of Automated Solutions

ShifterPro - Shifts Auto-Management Software

ShifterPro - Next-Generation Software

One of the biggest bottlenecks in Organization effectiveness is the Employee Management. If you can automate most of the tasks involved in this decision making process, you get increased perfomance and efficiency. It's that simple because it has a direct relation with one another. That's why we created ShifterPro; it answers to a market call for the need of an automated solution that can manage this process by itself.

ShifterPro is a cloud-based automatic shift management system. In addition to a unique feature package in the industry, you can integrate it with other software, such as your company's ERP. Imagine the time and money you save by automating this whole process!

ShifterPro Features

• Works on the Cloud • Software as a Service (SaaS), no activation costs • Management of Employees, Functions, Scales, Shifts, Availability • Automatic creation of configurable shifts and services • Real-time shift exchange system with SMS • Custom User Fields • Shift Compositions by Function • Support for days with special shifts, eg.: Holidays • Scaling Customization • Advanced proprietary availability configuration system • Proprietary automatic shift placement algorithm • SMS and Email Notifications • Integrates with other software • Adaptable to the needs of any shift-based business

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